Enhance the air before it reaches your engine. The Z5™ is a small cylinder made of a patented alloy which is inserted into the air intake hose of your engine. With no moving parts the Z5™ is the ultimate set and forget fuel enhancer. The Z5™ creates a more efficient burn in your engine by enhancing the air before it mixes with the fuel for combustion. The end result is a greater fuel economy, and less pollution. Installation is easy and takes minutes, simply measure the internal diametre of the air hose and order the size required. The Z5™ slides into the hose and the hose is re-attached. Once installed you will never have to think about it again, just sit back and enjoy the savings.

The Z5™ is ideal for gas powered engines who cannot use Xtreme Fuel Treatment™, for superior results in diesel and petrol engines the Z5™ can be combined with Xtreme Fuel Treatment™.

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Z5 instructions

z5 with box