Vflux Installation Guide



As used by Formula One race vehicles and utilised in all types of aircraft, vortex generators reduce drag. When applied correctly to your vehicle, Vflux designed generators reduce your vehicle’s drag and as a consequence deliver savings on Fuel. Savings of up to 9% have been experienced under test conditions.

Ideal for Sedans, Wagons, Trucks of all sizes and Caravans.

Vflux technology is a precision designed Vortex generator that “shapes” the boundary layer airflow to reduce the separation wake drag. This is an aerodynamic tool used extensively by the aviation industry and more recently by the car racing fraternity (Formula 1). This reduction in drag that the vehicle has to pull with it translates directly to a reduction in fuel consumption. NASA conducted extensive research on vortex generators in the early ‘70s and determined that 85% of the drag of a vehicle was aerodynamic.

Vflux kits are applied to the rear of the vehicle where the separation wake begins. These points are different for different types of vehicles. For example on a sedan the VGs would be mounted at the end of the roofline above the rear window, on a hatchback or wagon the VGs are mounted at the rearmost portion of the roof line.

With semi trailers and trucks the VGs are mounted at the very rear of the trailer or body with the VGs extending down the sides of the bodywork to a point 1.8 meters from the ground.

Expected returns from data gathered over the last 10 years:
Cars, 4WDs, Vans fuel consumption reductions of between 7 and 10%
Pantechs, Semi-Trailers, Busses fuel consumption reductions of between 4 and 8%

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